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Doe-Me-Doe Duds by geekgirl8 Doe-Me-Doe Duds :icongeekgirl8:geekgirl8 20 20 Bishounen, Ikemen and Trap Shortcuts by Cioccolatodorima Bishounen, Ikemen and Trap Shortcuts :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,148 123 GND Flashback - Drunken bird-wizards by Pika-la-Cynique
Mature content
GND Flashback - Drunken bird-wizards :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 2,102 227
LABYRINTH - Jareth's T-shirt by Pika-la-Cynique LABYRINTH - Jareth's T-shirt :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 5,285 635 Naruto Doodles by Quill-q Naruto Doodles :iconquill-q:Quill-q 7 0 Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- by Qinni Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- :iconqinni:Qinni 41,066 1,621 Orochimaru Wallpaper by RavenluvsSesshomaru Orochimaru Wallpaper :iconravenluvssesshomaru:RavenluvsSesshomaru 5 0 She Said 'Til Death by MistressOfTheVoid
Mature content
She Said 'Til Death :iconmistressofthevoid:MistressOfTheVoid 12 24
Shark Week: Dualscar x Reader
There has literally never been a time you have hated Mother Nature more. For (period length) days, you are CONSTANTLY BLEEDING WITH CRAMPS AND BACKACHES. Oh, and can't forget how haywire the feels are going. It's like you have a price is right wheel where your feels should be and it doesn't stop SPINNING. Cronus, one of your best friends, has dubbed your menstural cycle as 'Shark Week'.
((A/N: That's actually what I call mine.... Cause the waters all bloody-))
Usually, Cro comes over to take care of you so you don't murder anyone, but he was on a trip to (pick an awesome city) with Kankri and they wouldn't be back for a week.
You weren't very.... whats the word I'm looking for, oh thats right, LIKEABLE, so you didn't have any other friends who would come over and take care of you. Even if you did, how the HECK would you explain what was going on without grossing them out?
Anyways, you were now sprawled out across your couch with a bag of M&M's on one side and a heating
:iconsnowynightmaregirl:snowynightmaregirl 146 101
-YayAlphaTrolls!- by RobicTheEscapist -YayAlphaTrolls!- :iconrobictheescapist:RobicTheEscapist 295 160
Human!Karkat X Homeless!Reader: Guardian Angel
(Y/n) was so tired…So tired.
Living in the streets wasn’t easy.
But it was way better than living in that Hell of an Orphanage.
She at least wasn’t beaten up every time she messed something up.
The only good thing she learnt in that place was how to fight. How to survive…
But that didn’t last long. She got tired of suffering and ran out of the Orphanage.
What was she thinking? She had no place to go to…Only the streets.
But she knew she was going to die.
Earth is Hell to her.
Nobody ever helped her.
She often had to steal, and it wasn’t even that much, only some apples and bread here and there.
She drank the water of a nearby fountain.
But the water wasn’t always good. In the Summer it would be hot, and in the cold Winter, it would be freezing or just really frozen.
People would sometimes pass through her and laugh, or just ignore.
The only good people were the little children who passed through her and gave her their candy or sweets w
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 236 35
Come a Little Closer :HorrusxReader:
Time shakes, found you at the water.
    This isn’t you. This, is the eyes of a man. His skin, cold to the touch, makes your heart leap. But, you don’t know that. You’ve never even met him. But he has, he’s seen you. He’s seen your (e/c) eyes scan the surface of his favorite lake. He’s seen your hair fall along your face.
    And he thinks you’re a beautiful creature. But, he can’t help but wonder why you’re here. Why have you come? It must not be because you wanted to meet this mysterious man. Maybe, you loved this sparkling lake the way he did. Just, maybe. A smile fluttered across his lips as he spotted you over the horizon again.
    Maybe, he could muster up the courage to speak to you. And, that’s something a STRONG man would do. Someone who felt he needed to meet the women who gazed upon the rippling lake. He was going to, because he is a STRONG man, and he knew that. I
:iconthemistakenfool:TheMistakenFool 115 57
Cronus X Reader: Love Me!
“Cronus, PLEASE. I’m READING.”
“No BUTS. Let. Me. Read.”
Cronus whined and crossed him arms, looking at his front with an annoyed kid’s face.
“I just vwant to spend time vwith you, doll…”
“And who said I wanted to?”
Cronus frowned sadly, (Y/n) not seeing. He got up and walked away, not before turning around and looking at the female.
He was so gentle and kind to her, why was she like that?
She was kind and sweet to everyone, but not to him. Why?
‘Why?’ was the question he always asked himself. Why?
Because he wanted the girl to like him. Love him like he loved her.
He took a deep breath, since tears where threatening to fall from his royal violet eyes.
He began to run towards Aranea’s house. Maybe she knew what to do.
“Cronus, you really are a big idiot.”
Cronus mouth opened a bit and his eye twisted.
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 431 75




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